VR Software for your Project Reviews

TechViz is a VR software and a unique technology that instantaneously displays in 1:1 scale any CAD model on any type of virtual reality system. Acting as a driver to a VR system, TechViz enables to be fully immersed in virtual reality, to interact with the native 3D data and to make changes in real time.

Start your CAD application

Load your 3D model

Select the software to display with TechViz

The model instantly displays in VR

Put your VR headset on

Navigate in virtual reality

Engineering-grade scalable VR software

TechViz VR software can display very large CAD models (up to 1 billion triangles), while keeping a high frame rate.

It ensures a comfortable experience for the user, avoiding VR motion sickness. You can work either from Windows (7, 8, 10) or from Linux, and it is scalable to unlimited display channels. TechViz is compatible with 3D applications based both on OpenGL and DirectX.

Fast track to immersive & collaborative visualization

Visualization in 1:1 scale without data conversion

Top-level data security

Intuitive user interface

Some VR systems supported

Large virtual reality systems such as immersive rooms or Powerwall. Smaller systems such as AR / VR headsets, zSpace, HP Zvr, or autostereoscopic screens. Or advanced HMI systems like bodytracking or fingertracking (ART, Xsens) and haptic devices (Haption robotic arms).

Discover TechViz XL for large VR systems

Display your 3D model on an immersive room or a powerwall in real time and make your project review or your project presentation with various people

Discover Share&Viz for virtual reality headsets

Display instantly your 3D model on a virtual, augmented or mixed reality headset. Review your project on a mobile lightweight solution

Discover all TechViz features

XR PubliShare Record the 3D information of your 3D model and share them later on as an immersive standalone xr experience with XR PubliShare. 
Digital Mock Up Measure the distance between two points, hide and show parts, stick virtual flags on the model, make annotations, clip planes and  navigate on a 3D model in VR.
Video Recording Record a presentation and user actions as an animation, AVI or 3D movie.
Automated Reporting Optimize your VR sessions organization and efficiency.
Multi-system Collaboration Visualize a common 3D model from separate sites and on heterogeneous stereo display systems.
Cloud&Viz Stream CAD content instantly and share your 3D model in VR remotely with stakeholders.
Plug&Viz A multiport adaptor that makes the link between a workstation with a CAD model and a VR display installation.
Virtual Manikin Imitate an operator in virtual reality in his work environment, in real time.
Human Body Tracking TechViz Body Tracking functionality enables you to put a physiological human into your virtual reality design process.
Finger Tracking Using a hand motion tracking system, display a 3D avatar of the user’s fingers in the virtual scene.
Fusion Merge 3D scenes of different applications into a single unified scene and merge into a single prototype.
Interactive Image Integration (I3) Interact with your digital instrument cluster in virtual reality and visualize human-machine interface scenarios.
TVZLib API Combine your existing 3D OpenGL application with TechViz TVZLib to develop tailored interactive functionalities.


More than 300 references chose TechViz VR software worldwide

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