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XR for aerospace and shipbuilding

XR for the aerospace and shipbuilding industry

Modernizing aerospace and shipbuilding with XR

Revolutionize your aerospace and shipbuilding industry experience with XR technology and our state-of-the-art software. Our cutting-edge 1:1 scale rendering breathes life into virtual prototypes, surpassing traditional CAD methods. From design engineering and prototyping to manufacturing, XR technology enhances precision, refines techniques, and improves safety. Discover the potential of smarter design with XR and elevate your projects today, whether you work on bespoke models of ships or maintain high-end aircrafts.

Revolutionize heavy industry design and prototyping with XR

The heavy industry is highly reliant on design and digital prototyping to bring new products to market. With virtual reality and CAD programs (computer aided design) like CATIA, engineers can collaborate in a shared environment and reduce errors in conception and the need for physical prototypes. TechViz software enhances the 3D CAD design process with VR, by simulating real-world environments, optimizing manufacturing processes with specialized tools. TechViz’ unique ability to handle smoothly the biggest models, such as nuclear submarines or jumbo jets, involving hundreds of millions of triangles, makes it a particularly well-suited tool for this industry.

This results in faster production and maintenance, while ensuring quality and reducing costs. By embracing XR, the heavy industry can accelerate innovation and stay ahead of the competition.

Improve globalized manufacturing and assembly processes

Manufacturing and assembling aircrafts or ships involves dealing with numerous parts, complex requirements, and globalized supply chains, which can be a daunting task.

TechViz software allows for seamless collaboration between different contractors, enabling them to work together in the same virtual environment. By “plugging” 3D models from their native applications into TechViz without geometric data conversion – even if they do not use the same CAD program, manufacturers can optimize efficiency, reduce inventory, and improve layout. This results in increased productivity, reduced errors, and ultimately, cost savings.

Ensure compliance and safety with XR inspections

Quality control and safety are top priorities in the heavy industry. Using XR tools, inspectors can visualize machines and products in 3D, detect potential quality issues, and make informed decisions about how to address them.

XR can help ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards, and reduce the non-compliance and costly rework.

Enhance maintenance skills with specialized training

Shipbuilding and aircraft production are complex industries that demand highly specialized skills. Welding, coating, and other complex skills can be taught through intuitive VR simulations, allowing operators to enhance their knowledge and avoid downtime and occupational accidents.

Additionally, XR technologies can also be used to simulate tight spaces such as an aircraft wing or the engine compartment of a submarine to assess and train on maintenance scenarios. Using virtual tools and materializing collisions with the model, complex operations can be tested easily.

Specialized XR training improves workers’ skills and ensures the safety of both workers and equipment, resulting in increased productivity, higher quality work, and lower costs.

Streamline processes with TechViz

Two examples of  design optimization process via TechViz (B2C & B2B):

– Learn how Beneteau uses TechViz to optimize physical prototypes for custom-built yachts

– Discover how Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd. (MDL) streamlines the traditional Line Of Inspection (LOI) process into VR

One-click from CAD to VR

Load your model in its native CAD application

Select the software to display with TechViz

Instantly navigate in your 3D model in VR

TechViz software is compatible with most engineering applications on the market such as Autodesk VRED, CATIA V5-6, Solidworks, AutoCad, Creo elements, Autodesk Inventor and many more.

“Key factors are time, quality, and cost ». « Virtual reality helps prevent failure analysis in a product design for a guaranty of quality. We carry out virtual photorealistic design reviews in real time to save time. Virtual prototypes are now replacing physical prototypes to reduce costs and to improve on efficiency with faster delivery of digital prototypes to required locations”.

– Markus Halbritter, Senior Project Manager, Virtual Reality and 3D Visualization, at BSH Boschund Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH

Unlock your engineering potential with TechViz

Works with any XR system

Visualize 3D models from 200+ CAD programs with VR headsets, powerwalls, or immersive rooms.

No data conversion

Enjoy a seamless XR experience with no risks of losing data quality or accuracy, even with large-scale models

Top level security

Keep your 3D data safe in all situations – even with remote collaborators. Only position data is exchanged between participants.

Wide range of features

Work smarter with cutting-edge tools with virtual review tools, collaboration tools and integrate the human factor in your process.

We helped them with their AR/VR projects

XR in the aerospace and shipbuilding according to TechViz

What is XR?

XR (eXtended Reality) is an umbrella term that refers to augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR). XR technology either by immerse you in the computer-generated virtual environment, add to, or augment, the user’s surroundings, or both of those.

Is XR right for my company?

XR provides an innovative edge to many organizations, but it might not be suitable for every product or every business. In many use cases, Augmented and Virtual technology will optimize existing processes and open new opportunities. For an XR solution to be profitable, you need to understand how XR technology operates, and what your current design-to-market process is.

Feel free to contact our experts to find out if XR can be a solution for your own use cases.

What does XR mean in the aerospace and shipbuilding industry?

In the aerospace and shipbuilding industry, XR can be used to create immersive simulations, allowing engineers, technicians, and operators to visualize and interact with complex equipment and processes in a virtual environment. This can help to streamline design and manufacturing workflows, reduce errors, and rework, and improve worker safety by allowing them to practice procedures in a risk-free environment. Additionally, AR and VR technology can provide workers with real-time data and instructions while they are performing tasks, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

How do I choose an XR solution? How much will it cost?

There are several Augmented and Virtual software on the market, and each application has the same major function. However, most of them specialize in an industry and/or are compatible with a narrow choice of CAD program. Also, many AR/VR software convert three-dimensional geometric data to VR, which poses many risks in terms of data loss and security.

TechViz is compatible with the most used engineering software of the market and with all existing XR displays. It can assess your technology ecosystem, your needs, and your budget to help you select the right hardware, 3D CAD software, and features for your company and your specific use cases.

As for the cost of the XR solution, it will be very dependent on your use case (hardware, software, and features). For instance, an immersive room is way more expensive than a pair of immersive virtual reality glasses, but offers very different results.

Which XR systems is TechViz compatible with?

You can run TechViz software in an immersive room, a powerwall, a head-mounted display (Oculus Rift, Meta Quest, HTC Vive focus 3, Varjo XR-3…) – or even a multi-device system.

You can view 3D CAD models from more than 200 application in TechViz without data conversion. TechViz software is the ideal solution if you want to interact with models from 3DEXPERIENCE in VR, CATIA in VR, PTC Creo in VR, NX in VR, Solidworks in VR, Revit in VR and many more.

Why should I choose TechViz for my AR/VR project?

TechViz is a leading augmented and virtual reality software editor since 2004, with a unique software that works without any data conversion. We have a strong expertise in the fields of virtual reality, 3D visualization solutions, virtual prototyping. We have a worldwide presence which helps us understand the specific needs of companies in other countries.


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