Human Factors Integration: Simulate human factor into your virtual work environment

Reintegrate Human Factors into a virtual work environment. Features such as Virtual Manikin, Human Body Tracking and Finger Tracking enable you test the operability and maintainability of a future facility, prevent occupational hazards on a manufacturing line or assess the ergonomics of the cockpit of a vehicle under development.

Meet our avatars VictoR & AmbeR

All these features integrate into the VR/AR scene our virtual, photorealistic avatars, VictoR and AmbeR. They have been created by capture of real models with a photogrammetric scanner. They are fully skinned and include a digital skeleton that has been bound to the geometry. Their movements are articulated through 52 joints.

The result is an appearance very similar to a character from a video game of the latest generation, with realistic rendering and natural movements. This serves the accuracy of the simulation realized in VR, as well as the quality of the output (snapshots, videos…) that can serve many purposes.

VictoR and AmbeR are the avatars provided by default in TechViz. Yet, it is very easy to import alternative avatars from the RenderPeople library. There are more than 700 to choose from, with different gender, age, ethnicity and clothing, to make the simulation look as close as possible to the targeted end user.

Virtual Manikin

Imitate an operator in virtual reality in his work environment, in real time.

Human Body Tracking

TechViz Body Tracking functionality enables you to put a physiological human into your virtual reality design process.

Finger Tracking

Using a hand motion tracking system, display a 3D avatar of the user’s fingers in the virtual scene

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