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Discover How Virtual Reality Can Impact and Boost Your Business

Helping our customers optimize their Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), customizing our solution to enhance project reviews and risk assessment, delivering a unique, clear and easy immersive technology that will impact and improve your business by reducing costs and saving risks: this is what TechViz software brings to its customers from any industrie. The perfect technological partner to optimize your business performance.

Discover below the wide range of industries in which TechViz can optimize your business

Automotive industry in virtual reality


Working with virtual reality enables car manufacturers to get a better understanding of their clients’ needs and optimize safety requirements, design of the car or anything else, before making the physical prototype.


Improve your customers’ experience by providing them with a fully immersive view of a future building or any other project. Interact with your 3D data (from Delmia, Revit, Creo and more) during construction planning and identify potential design errors in real time.

architecture and construction in VR
TechViz in the research and education industry


Enhance your teaching strategies, engage your students in their learning and support innovative breakthroughs with a fully immersive virtual reality experience.


Virtually explore a complete product before it is actually built, correct potential design errors, validate ergonomics for workers’ postures and reduce time-to-market of assembly lines.

TechViz in the Industry and machinery sector
TechViz in the Oil and gas industry


Organize personal training sessions, evaluate safety and risk probabilities during maintenance operations, minimize costly project delays without disrupting the actual plant operations.


Virtual reality enables you to get a better understanding of your ship model data. Including ergonomics, path planning inside the ship, visibility and maintenance operations.

TechViz software in the Shipbuilding industry
TechViz in the aeronautics & aerospace industry


Gain a competitive advantage during the complete product engineering process (PEP) by providing a collaborative and interactive product experience, optimizing risks and safety standards.


Monitor weather patterns, simulate mission-critical training exercises (battlefield, vehicle or flight simulation, virtual boot camp) without encountering any risks.

Military & Defense industry in virtual reality
TechViz in the Pharmaceutical industry


Visualize and virtually explore the human body at the molecular level: visualize a protein structure, visualize a brain’s anatomy, present and promote research.