Design reviews and presentation

Make digital design reviews with many people or a product presentation in virtual reality

Visualize the digital twin of your 3D model (from Catia, NX, or other applications) on an immersive room or a Powerwall and make design reviews of a product with other people thanks to TechViz Digital Mock Up advanced functionality. Improve the interaction in a virtual environment and share ideas with others. Measure the distance between two points. Hide and show parts to explain specifities of the 3D model, stick virtual flags with annotations to point out specific issues, clip planes and navigate in an easy way. 

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Use cases

  • Product reviews or dynamic presentations at the office 
  • Commercial presentations with your clients or at the venue of an event
  • Virtual CAD validation of a project

Advantages of design reviews

  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Dynamic interaction
  • Ideal for meetings
  • Wide range of possibilities

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