• Varjo XR-3 and TechViz


Share&Viz, a collaborative solution for your VR headset

Share&Viz is TechViz Solution for HMDs. It enables to display your 3D data in a VR, AR or MR headset/VR ecosystem. Collaborate on your project reviews with your coworkers and get ready for a complete immersive experience.

How to display a 3D model in a VR headset?

Open your 3D-model in your CAD application

Select TechViz to display

Navigate in your model in VR

Compatible with all the world-leading VR, AR and MR headsets on the market

Graphics optimization to have adequate frame rate whatever the size of the model

High resolution

Fluent movement

No motion sickness

Compatible with more than 200 industrial software

Our Share&Viz packages

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