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Military XR Training: A Safer Ride into the Danger Zone

TechViz enables military or defense engineers and personnel to visualize and engage with 3D models of armored vehicles, interceptors, navy ships, and gear in a Virtual Reality setting, fine-tuning equipment setups for maximum readiness for situations where every millisecond is crucial for both success and safety.

Our software revs up the R&D stage, offering an efficient alternative to costly prototypes with reduced functionality.

Strategic “PhyGital” Reality approach

Prototype with confidence for both long-term development and urgent mission-specific projects.

Recent world events have demonstrated the suddenness in which conflicts can emerge. In such a volatile international landscape, the value of VR training becomes even more pronounced.

VR simulations provide military personnel with the opportunity to rehearse and master the elements of combat that can be simulated in VR, ensuring that when the unforeseen occurs, they can focus all their attention on handling these challenges and respond with full agility and decisiveness.

Our strategic “PhysGital” approach blends crucial, to-be-tested elements in VR with standardized, real-world components already proven resilient under tension (such as exit ramps for ingress and egress), ensuring that vehicles are optimized for field performance.

Ensuring clear visibility and instant accessibility of all cockpit commands is crucial for the defense industry. By integrating 3D models from a wide array of CAD apps into XR, TechViz helps military engineers create the most efficient ergonomics, reduce operation time, prevent confusion, and improve safety.

In the defense sector, the complexity of operations necessitates a high level of expertise and readiness. VR training environments can accurately replicate the complex interiors of airplanes, armored vehicles, submarines, interceptors, ships, etc.

The innovative innovative blend of virtual and physical testing elements has empowered our clients to fine-tune designs with unprecedented speed and flexibility.

Zero-Data-Transfer Model = Zero Information Leakage.

Manufacturing, assembling, and testing military equipment and transport involve working with components that require ultra precision in environments where there is zero tolerance for information leakage.

This is precisely where TechViz steps in with its revolutionary, zero-data-transfer workflow, a game-changer in the realm of secure 3D visualization.

TechViz’s advanced system allows for the fast and secure visualization of 3D models directly from over 200 CAD applications, enabling engineers and designers to interact with complex designs without the risk of data compromise.

This technology ensures that sensitive information never leaves the client’s premises, effectively eliminating the risk of external data breaches. As for the data security landscape for XR hardware, it has also evolved.

A notable example is the TechViz x HTC collaboration. In a recent project for one of TechViz’s confidential clients, HTC’s hardware (Vive Pro Secure HMD) underwent modifications to meet the high-security requirements of the client’s respective environment.

After long negotiations, HTC provided an HMD setup where all radio, camera, and wireless communications were restricted.

Efficient Realism without compromising Data Security

Please note: our 100% data-transfer-free software can be seamlessly integrated with wireless HMDs, where Wi-Fi serves merely as a replacement for cables.

This was particularly beneficial in our recent collaboration with a European defense organization, during which its team members’ unrestricted movement was a non-negotiable. (Click here to download the respective Case Study)

The nature of the testing military transport makes the use of wired HMDs impractical, but testing can be conducted in environments that eliminate external interference.

Since our software is based on a zero-data-transfer model, the risk of data leakage is eliminated.

This approach ensures that personnel can freely interact with 3D CAD data in VR while fully meeting the most stringent security protocols.


Tomorrow’s Safety, Virtually Secured…

In the times when there is so much at stake, specialized Extended Reality (XR) training not only bolsters the operational skills of defense personnel but also improves their safety.

This results in heightened efficiency, enhanced performance in critical missions, and reduced operational risks and errors.

In the domain where every second counts, TechViz’s innovative solutions stand at the forefront, revolutionizing defense operation preparations with hyper-realistic simulations and training environments for a safer tomorrow.


Stepping into the Danger Zone has just become safer…


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