Display 3D models in VR without data conversion

One of TechViz major priorities is to be integrated seamlessly into your processes. As time gets more and more precious, we are committed to providing an efficient software that integrates perfectly in your current configuration and brings you full satisfaction. This is why TechViz offers to display your 3D models in VR without data conversion.

Advantage of VR without data conversion

In order to make you able to spare a lot of time, TechViz offers you a software that does not convert your data before being displayed in VR. That way, you are avoiding hours spent in exporting, then importing models from different sources.

Here TechViz gives you the opportunity to watch your model in virtual reality directly from your native CAD application. It means that you are gaining high flexibility in your work organization and fluidity in your processes. Besides, as you are working directly from your native CAD application, you are now able to bring changes to models in real time. Designers and engineers can fine tune and optimize the design through an iterative process only possible without data conversion. Launch TechViz software and you are ready to work!

Use Cases

  • Quick organization of meetings
  • Save hours of data importing/exporting
  • Bring modifications in real time and save them
  • Keep the exact same data (no “language changes”)
  • Fast reaction to a Manager/Customer’s demand
  • Keep your current work environment (you keep your CAD application’s features)
  • Access an efficent solution if you need to visualize animations (no need to import/export each frame of the animation)

Serving your engineering projects

TechViz benefits from an important hardware experience (18 years) in the engineering field. Our team is ready to support you throughout your virtual reality integration project. Feel free to contact us for any request concerning your current or future project of VR integration.

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