TechViz XL

A versatile 3D visualization software for industrials

TechViz XL, 3D visualization software, is a versatile and scalable solution to precisely fit the needs of your organization. To build your usage scenario with all the functionalities needed, you can select from a wide array of features that have been developed with industry leaders. TechViz XL is able to work with all VR display systems you implement and is scalable to unlimited display channels.

An intuitive universal visualization solution for virtual reality

Special display configuration

With Edge-blending feature, it is possible to configure an edge attenuation to make seamless projector overlap, even for hardware without build-in edge blending. Additionally, Warping enables to display on any non-planar surface (dome, cylinder,…), whatever the number of projection channels. Thus, the viewer position is taken into account to compute the correct warping effect in real time.

Display TechViz XL on your VR system

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