Specialized training

When VR becomes a training tool

With TechViz Advanced features, several industries can use XR to train their employees entirely in a virtual environment. For instance, military sector uses it for risk situations training. Users are equipped with HMDs and trackers in several places on the body: on their VR headset, on their wrists, on their ankles and on the computer carried on their back, enabling to launch the virtual reality software, and to be free of their movements. Adding a haptic feedback, military forces can for instance feel the weight of their gun. The gun can even generate a recoil when the users press the trigger.


  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Merge various models into one unique VR scene
  • Wide range of possibilities

Use cases

  • Merge a CAD with any simulator to train your  employees in a dynamic environment.
  • Visualize in VR your fingers to check accessibility and  understand collisions between fingers and product with sound, colors and haptic feedback (with a Haption compatible device)
  • Real-time evaluation of a work posture. Users can input ergonomics standards of their company

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