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1- Test request

Are you interested in professional virtual reality but don’t want to rush into it?

TechViz offers you a 15-day trial

Do not hesitate to request it, we will be notified and will start the technical procedures

2- Verification of feasibility

You will be contacted within 48 hours by a TechViz specialist who will listen to your needs and advise you on the use of our software

You will then be redirected to a brief form that will allow us to determine and optimize the configuration of your device

3- Preparation of license

Finally, we will send you an installation file of the package and the license allowing the final use of the TechViz software

We will then be able to integrate the software into your device via a remote installation session

4- Test kick-off

Let’s enjoy a unique immersive environment for 15 days

Feel free to contact us during your trial if you have any questions

We will do a short debriefing of this test afterwards

The ideal VR solution for

  • Display your 3D model in an immersive system
  • View your Catia V5 project in 1:1 scale or greater
  • No data conversion
  • Make changes in real time in your native 3D application and view them instantly

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