USB device for VR sharing

Plug&Viz enables you to use your VR installation to display 3D models directly from any PC with CAD software, without file transfer

Plug any workstation to a VR system for an immersive experience

Plug&Viz is an adapter that makes the link between a workstation with a CAD model and a VR display installation. It carries the TechViz license, making the unique features of the software available for the connected PC :

  • No data conversion
  • Compatible with over 200 3D applications
  • 3D visualization with 1:1 scale
  • High frame rate, even for huge models
  • Can be used with all VR displays: immersive rooms,  powerwalls or HMDs

Visualize your model in VR in just a few steps


Connect the PC to Plug&Viz : TechViz XL licence in on a flashdrive, requiring no installer.


Open you CAD model in its native application (Catia, 3DEXPERIENCE, Navisworks, PTC Creo...) on your laptop.


Via the rendering PC, display on a Cave, a Powerwall or a VR headset.


Here you are : Any CAD model can be shared in VR with 1:1 scale.

Key Benefits 

  • Truly integrate VR into the engineering process : Every engineer and designer can see his/her model in VR, using a mutualized display installation
  • Use VR seamlessly for project reviews : All the participants can use the plug in turn to show content from their own PC
  • Invite your partners and suppliers to share content : Third parties can use your company’s VR installation from their own CAD application and without need for TechViz license on their side
  • Adjust the need for performance hardware  : Connect any standard PC to a more powerful workstation with adequate graphic card to display models into an HMD

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