Workstation ergonomics

Use XR to improve workstation ergonomics on any AR / VR system

Identify potential issues that could arise from workstation ergonomics by visualizing in real time the digital twin of a 3D model from your desktop on any AR / VR system. Evaluate comfort, efficiency and safety of rather confined workstations right from the design phase. For even more precise reviews, you can also reintegrate the human factor by imitating an operator in his work environment with the Virtual Manikin.

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Use cases

  • Evaluation of confort, efficiency and safety of the workstation 
  • Dashboard construction
  • Ergonomics of the driving seat

Advantages of visualizing in VR workstation ergonomics

  • Check workstation ergonomics at the design stage
  • Check and validate accessibility, reachability
  • Detect issues, collisions between a user and his work environment
  • Compatible with Catia, Creo, and +200 more

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