Visualize large models in VR

In order to offer you the best VR experience, TechViz allows you to display large models in VR. To achieve this result, TechViz devotes 1/3 of its R&D to optimizing performance. With such resources, TechViz gives you the benefit of an optimal virtual reality experience: the best possible framerate with your current setup.

Advantage of displaying large models in VR

With TechViz software, you can display your largest models in terms of vertices in 1:1 scale in the highest framerate possible with your current hardware configuration.

  • Display your largest models (ex: 300 M vertices)
  • While maintening a high frame rate ensuring smooth immersive experience
  • Our software makes the most of your hardware
  • All of it in 1:1 scale

Use of large models

  • Visualize and visit an entire building in virtual reality
  • Display a new airplane engine model to see if it fits in a structure
  • Visualize a whole facility to have a better understanding of its layout
  • Display a full-size power plant for use in staff training

Rely on TechViz technical expertise

Our company benefits from long-term experience in the field of engineering. We have known and worked with these tools for over 15 years. And we have an efficient team that is committed to helping you integrate virtual reality into your processes.

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