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Press Release – Laval Virtual 2023

Press Release – Laval Virtual 2023: TechViz showcases its latest innovations

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Press Release – TechViz & Varjo

Press Release: TechViz announces compatibility with Varjo VR-1 headset

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Press Release – Laval Virtual

Press Release - Laval Virtual 2019

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07/08/2014 AGCO Chooses Christie 4k Projectors for 3D Virtual Reality Powerwall

AGCO Chooses Christie 4k Projectors for 3D Virtual Reality Powerwall

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Visit of CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co., Ltd.

Visit of CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co., Ltd.

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TechViz & Digital Projection at Siggraph

Display your 3D model on a large Powerwall with TechViz XL™ and Insight Dual Laser 4k

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GE Unveils Virtual Reality Lab

The John F Welch Technology Centre (JFWTC ), GE’s largest multidisciplinary research and development centre based in Bengaluru, has unveiled a virtual reality lab, which is its latest innovation tool.

The company is in the midst of a strategic shift from a 124-year-old high-tech infrastructure company to one of the top software brands in the world by 2020. Behind the flurry of global marketing campaigns, the organisation is evolving into a contemporary digital workspace, and the Virtual Reality (VR) lab is one such example.

Ankur Dang, Software Director for the GE Digital team at JFWTC says, “Our vision is to form a digital thread that connects the entire life cycle of a product right from designing to manufacturing and servicing. Virtual Reality is a technology that enables one to have a real time collaboration with colleagues across the globe to build 3D CAD models for the digital thread.”

The VR lab is equipped with a 12×8 feet screen where CAD models are projected in 3D at a scale of 1:1 or greater. Interactive features using infrared trackers and a fly stick allow the user to create an immersive experience with the model. The technology allows the team to review products that are under development, displaying large 3D data sets or 3D virtual prototypes directly from the native application without any data conversion.

The GE Transportation engineering team is the first to create and use this lab, with plans to scale it up across verticals. “Engineers traditionally review products in 2D on a computer screen and manoeuvring the CAD model is a tedious and time consuming process. VR with augmentation capability allows us to make changes and interact with 3D models in a real time across different design centres and across the world, significantly reducing the design cycle time. Apart from being an engineering tool, the lab is also a great training ground for our service engineers who work on these products in the field,” says Vageesh Patil, GM, GE Transportation Engineering, India.

GE is no stranger to VR, having leveraged the technology in various global projects. In 2014, the company’s Brazil research centre created a virtual reality experience to mimic GE’s subsea oil technology. Users could strap on an Oculus Rift headset and sit in a vibrating chair while the headset simulated an underwater experience.

GE has also partnered with Reel FX to create ‘GE 360’, a VR experience that gives viewers a look at the making of GE’s Evolution Series Tier 4 Locomotive and its 9HA Gas Turbine — two massive machines engineered in some of the most remote locations across the US.

Source : Deccan Herald

Immersive VR body tracking showcase at Laval Virtual

[SAVE THE DATE] April 04, 2018 | Immersive VR body tracking showcase at Laval Virtual

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TechViz and StarVR in partnership at the Laval Virtual show

PARIS – (April 04, 2018) – This year for Laval Virtual show, TechViz, specialist in instant visualization and immersive 3D prototype collaboration, presents its partnership with StarVR, premium virtual reality solution provider with its world leading VR headset.

At Laval Virtual, TechViz presents TechViz VR™, its VR software that allows the display of any 3D model, directly from a native desktop application, on any virtual, mixed or augmented reality headset. TechViz VR ™ will be featured in the innovative StarVR VR headset with its 210-degree wide field of view (FOV) and 5K resolution experience.

With separate video outputs of StarVR’s dual display panels, it allows authentic scalable multi GPU performance for Catia V5, Siemens NX and NavisWorks users and enables efficient engineering validation and decision making with native data. For instance, when conducting ergonomic studies of de  signing a product or work environment, the partnership of TechViz and StarVR offers an efficient solution of assessing potential risks or identifying design errors before going into production. Also, the collaborative option of TechViz allows users to work together on the same virtual prototype and assets in their own StarVR headsets.

TechViz is a software editor and provider of VR immersive visualization and collaboration solutions. Founded in 2004, based in Paris, the group has become a global expert in VR technology, with 3D visualization solutions that allow in real-time with no data conversion the displaying of more than 200 CAD software (Catia, NX, Creo, etc…) on headsets, Immersive Room and Powerwall “The combination of TechViz VR ™ and the StarVR headset brings an exciting new dimension to immersive 3D virtual prototyping.” Alexis Vartanian, TechViz CTO

“This partnership with Techviz opens 200 professional CAD and AEC software applications to the StarVR platform, which enables industrial designers and engineers to review and collaborate in VR with great visual performance in high clarity and wide field of view.” Emmanuel Marquez, StarVR CTO. StarVR Corporation, is innovating in the VR market with its 210-degree horizontal FOV and 5K resolution headset, as well as its 120-degree vertical FOV and 100 degrees of binocular overlap. The immersive StarVR headset offers a unique panoramic FOV covering around 90% of human vision.

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About TechViz

Techviz has a world-leading position in the display of 3D applications such as Catia, Revit, NX and more than 200 others on any virtual reality system (Immersive Room, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Meta, Microsoft Mixed Reality, Wall…). Our solutions help improve production cycles, save money and reduce time-to-market with a better understanding of your 3D data.

Without data conversion / 1: 1 real-time visualization / Intuitive user interface / Easy to use

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About StarVR

Aiming to be the leading solutions provider of B2B Virtual Reality services, StarVR Corporation innovates the head-mounted display market through its 210-degree, 5K resolution VR headset. StarVR Corporation is a joint venture between Swedish entertainment content creator, publisher and innovator Starbreeze Studios, and Acer, one of the world’s top ICT companies with a presence in over 160 countries.

The joint venture designs, manufactures, promotes, markets and manages sales and support of StarVR solutions to the professional, enterprise, and location-based entertainment market. Headquartered in Taipei, StarVR Corporation also has presence in Los Angeles, Paris and Stockholm. Learn more at

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VR laboratory visualises collaborative aviation and space travel projects with 4K 3D powerwall

The Center of Applied Aeronautical Research (ZAL) in Hamburg wants to be the third in the world dedicated to civil aviation, for which it has a laboratory to play 3D content in 4K and at 120 Hz.

ZAL TechCenter VR Lab copyright ZAL

ZAL TechCenter VR Lab copyright ZAL

Joint usage of research infrastructures such as the VR laboratory by various partners is part of ZAL’s working concept – in fact, this aim has been made explicit. At the heart of the VR area stands a 4K 3D powerwall, planned and installed by Viscon GmbH, along with an adjacent meeting room in which up to 32 people can experience complex aviation and space travel projects in 3D. Viscon is a long-time Christie® partner and specialises in designing and implementing high-end virtual reality and visual simulation projection systems.


3D projection with an active shutter system

The VR system at ZAL is designed so that a main player can present the displayed objects using a tracking system and thereby interact with them, while the other participants can dive into the virtual world with the help of active shutter glasses and follow events as they unfold. The 6-metre-wide and 3.18-metre-high rear projection screen created by Viscon leaves enough space to display even large objects in their original dimensions. This is particularly important for aircraft construction, since this virtual display does away with the need for creating costly models.

This image size calls for a projector with the highest resolution and light output so that users can still tightly zoom in on and edit the most minute details. A Christie Mirage 304K active stereo projector is used in the lab. At present, this is the only projector in the world that can reproduce native 4K content in 3D with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, thanks to its TruLife electronics.

Eric Küpper, Managing Director at Viscon, explains: “We decided to use the Christie Mirage 304K because it is an extremely high-performance, latest-generation 4K projector and, on top of that, features a modular lamp system. This makes it fail-safe, which is not the case for single-lamp devices. That is very important, since the VR system is used by various different companies, mainly by users without technical training.”

Guido Grun, the VR expert at ZAL GmbH, adds: “Another reason for using the Christie digital projector and an active 3D system was the simple fact that we only need to have one projector here, and still don’t have to make sacrifices in terms of light output or native 4K resolution. Of course, that greatly saves on costs. Dual projection would be necessary for a passive polarisation system.”​

Since active shutter systems ‘swallow’ a great deal of light due to the filters and glasses they use, and since the meeting room was also intended to be used as a working space alongside work on the projection, the Mirage 304K projector’s high light output of 30,000 ANSI lumens is also advantageous.

The installation is designed as a cluster system in which the respective partners in the computer network have concurrent access to shared storage and are connected with the server through an LWL switch. Each partner uses their own system for data calculation. “We use TechViz software, which accesses the system’s video memory and distributes the data to two clients,” says Grun. Each client calculates one image, and the overall frame rate is 120 images per second, meaning 60 images are shown to the left eye and 60 images are shown to the right. Catalyst graphics software from AMD and a number of additional programs are also used for 3D visualisation.

The ZAL VR laboratory is not just available to the innovation centre’s internal researchers; external interested parties also have the opportunity to benefit from new technologies and rent the lab. According to Grun, VR is an excellent cross-sectional technology for promoting cooperation between various trades as well as for achieving optimised results within a shorter period of time. This does not just apply for the aviation industry, either. Thanks to the VR lab, the coast is now clear for groundbreaking new discoveries to be made at the Hamburg research and development centre.