Human Body Tracking software: Make ergonomic studies in virtual reality

Real-time 3D visualization of the virtual avatar of the user’s body

TechViz Human body tracking feature makes it possible to simulate human factors in virtual reality during the design process from its earliest stages.

The principle is to display an avatar in the VR scene whose movements are mirroring the data acquired through the motion tracking system. The morphological characteristics of the avatar (height, length of limbs) will be automatically aligned onto those of the user whose motions are captured.

This way it is possible to assess the ergonomics of a future product or installation: operability, assembly, maintenance…

Key advantages

  • Easy setup: TechViz Human Body Tracking is scalable, with an adjustable number of targets
  • Multiple users can be tracked at the same time to simulate team / crew operations
  • Compatible with more than 200 CAD and simulation applications, as well as most professional motion capture / body-tracking devices on the market and any type of VR display (headset, well, immersive room)
  • Combined with the option Virtual Assembly, user can see the collisions between the body and the model. Collisions warning may be visual within the VR view and/or on one small charts view, as well with audio feedback
Real-time evaluation of a work posture

Use Cases

Product Design 

Helps engineers and ergonomists analyze the operability of a design in many different conditions: different morphologies, single user or crew operation, maintenance, etc…

Process design

Assess the ergonomics of a workstation, check how the body would endure repetitive tasks, simulate assembly / disassembly, with the possibility to combine with virtual tools.

Motion-tracking device compatibility

TechViz is compatible with many motion capture and body-tracking devices to serve different use cases. It works with both 5DOF and 6DOF targets.

In particular:

  • TEA: The combination of TechViz and TEA offers the only fully integrated solution for ergonomics, without any development. Just test the model and obtain a detailed report of the ergonomics of the actions performed
  • ART: The number of targets can be adjusted depending on the precision that is needed
  • X-sens: More information in this detailed article
  • Teslasuit: Enables the user to get force feedback in case of collision with the model

Fly&Viz bundles TechViz Software with a suite of hardware equipment provided by our partners Optoma, ART and Volfoni. These components have been carefully selected by TechViz for optimal AR / VR display combined with maximum compacity.

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