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Human Body Tracking: put back real users into the virtual reality design process

Using a full human body tracking and hand motion tracking system, display a 3D avatar of the user’s body and fingers in the virtual scene.

Real-time 3D visualization of the virtual avatar of the user’s body

TechViz Human Body Tracking feature enables you to put a physiological human into your virtual reality design process. The virtual Human follows physiological rules defined by users. Size and morphology can be tuned. You can study how the human will behave into the environment during the conception process. The human can be manipulated “puppet” style or can be controlled by real user thanks to a Motion Tracking device. You can simulate different tasks to check their feasibility.

Advantages of Human Body Tracking

  • Easy setup: the virtual human/avatar can be controlled “puppet” style with a device for a quick check. A full Motion Tracking will be used for an accurate analysis.
  • TechViz Body Tracking option uses physiological rules to represent an realistic human.
  • Real-time evaluation of a work posture. Users can input ergonomics standards of their company, which will be used to compute a note of users’ posture. A color code will be displayed to easily understand the results.
  • Detailed Reporting: Excel sheets or HTML pages will be output at the end of the study, providing engineers with a feedback of what has been experienced. The report contains timed event, collision between part and body, ergonomics notation.
  • Compatible with more than 250+ 3D applications.

How does the TechViz Body Tracking work?

TechViz’s Body Tracking option works with our immersive 3D visualization software TechViz XL.

TechViz XL is Virtual Prototyping software acting like a driver to capture directly your 3D model (Autodesk Navisworks, Siemens Jack, Dassault Systemes 3DVia, among others). The Body Tracking option of this VR software is compatible with professional devices such as ART Human, Vicon, Motion Analysis, Optitrack, HTC VIVE tracker and more using VRPN protocol.

Use Cases

  • Product Design: helps verifying if the design is appropriate to multiple types of users. The users’ morphology can be set up efficiently, guaranteeing a heterogeneous evaluation of the ergonomics of the product.
  • Manufacturing: optimal to assess ergonomics. Being able to see how a body reacts with task repetition allows designers to improve the workshop. Digital evaluation allows multiple scenarios, quick setup and easy storage. The report gives a very detailed feedback to engineers and ergonomists who can easily understand how to enhance their product.

Key features

Fly&Viz bundles TechViz Software with a suite of hardware equipment provided by our partners Optoma, ART and Volfoni. These components have been carefully selected by TechViz for optimal AR / VR display combined with maximum compacity.

Compatible with a VR headset (Star VR One, Vive Pro, Oculus Rift).

Compatible with all supported 3D applications

Collision detection: display collisions

Ergonomics quotation: real-time evaluation of a posture

Equipment: Works with full / partial Motion Capture or Puppet Manipulation

Reporting: generate a complete detailed report


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