Meets us in our showroom – TechViz Lab- to discover our latest technology, XR PubliShare. Join us at our Open days and discover all types of VR, AR and MR technologies.

Open XR Days in our TechViz Lab

TechViz program

Each session will revolve around 3 workshops:

    • PREVIEW: demonstration of our latest innovation, XR PubliShare. Capture the 3D information of your model and share it later with your collaborators as a standalone XR experience in TechViz. Works without the need for your native 3D software. This feature is ideal for:

      • Presentations: Sales representatives wanting to deliver effective presentations will no longer waste time launching various 3D software. Simply launch the replay from TechViz and navigate through the standalone experience in virtual reality.
      • Training:

    • Collaboration sessions in augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) with the Lenovo ThinkReality A3 operating on a mobile phone: visualize a BIM model in real time with one pair of AR glasses and a XR headset.
    • Visualize in large models in 1:1 scale in real time. Navigate in an Apollo model displayed in a CAVE without data conversion (no data conversion = improved speed & maximum security)

These workshops are the perfect occasion to engage a discussion with our experts, and build solutions for your specific needs.


  • START: 31th May
  • END: 2th June
  • LOCATION: TechViz Lab – 63 Boulevard Masséna 75013 Paris FRANCE
  • SLOTS: 9.30-11am / 14-15.30pm

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About TechViz

TechViz is a VR, AR and MR software for industry professionals. Our advanced technology, leader in its market, makes it possible to visualize your 3D models in VR directly from your CAD software into your VR system (headsetspowerwall, immersive rooms, etc.) without data conversion: saving you time and money. Interact with your 3D model in real time and organize project reviews or test the ergonomics in-person or remotely.