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 The ideal prototyping software for the highest performing HMDs

Share&Viz virtual reality software is compatible with Oculus QuestHTC Vive, Vive Pro, Vive Pro Wireless, XTAL, Pimax, Windows Mixed Reality and many other XR headsets. Easy to carry away and very flexible, these HMDs have proven their efficiency around the world and are highly appreciated by professionals from many industries. With TechViz, the user can visualize a 3D model – even the largest ones – in realtime in a HMD. Compatible with more than 250 industrial applications.


How to display a 3D model in AR/VR headsets?

Share&Viz acts like a driver to capture directly a 3D model loaded in the original software (like Autodesk Navisworks, Alias, PTC Creo…) and display it in VR.  The experience in a headset is highly dependent on the framerate. To avoid the so called “motion-sickness” Share&Viz optimizes the graphics without compromising on quality and details.

Specificities of Share&Viz with XR headsets

  • Use Share&Viz with any XR headset
  • MR headsets are halfway through AR and VR headsets
  • AR headsets: Mix synthetic content from your 3D data with real content
  • No data conversion is needed
  • See directly the real environnement through your headset that can detect autonomously the space around it
  • Compatible with SteamVR
  • Visualization of more than 250 3D applications
  • Integrated tracking system of your hands: can identify the hands position and if they are opened or closed

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