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Immersive room

Dive into your own 3D data inside an immersive room

An immersive room is an interactive virtual reality space where each of the surfaces – the walls, floor, and ceiling – act as projection screens to create a highly immersive experience. It’s like having a window into your 3D model, where you can walk around, manipulate, and examine the virtual objects from different angles, providing a more complete understanding of your CAD data.

TechViz XL is a professional-grade 3D visualization software tailored for engineering, compatible with +200 software like Catia, Creo or Navisworks. With TechViz, the viewer can visualize a 3D model in VR – even large-scale ones – in an immersive room.

Discover TechViz XL

A multi-faceted virtual environment

Unlock the full potential of your 3D data

Visually explore and understand complex data in a highly intuitive and interactive way. Displaying 3D data in an immersive room make it easy to identify patterns, trends, and relationships within the data.

Enhance your team’s collaboration

Immersive rooms enhance collaboration between collaborators by providing a virtual world where you can walk around your virtual prototype at 1:1 scale., while still seeing your hands and other people

Maximize your efficiency

Immersive rooms provide a fully integrated display, software, computing, and support solution, which allows users to focus on their data without being distracted by technical issues or compatibility issues

Save costs for engineering and design

By allowing teams to test designs and strategies in a virtual world, immersive rooms help to reduce the costs linked to prototyping, testing, and bespoke adaptations

Real-life applications of immersive rooms with TechViz software

digital mock up in VR with techviz software

VR mock-up for conception and design

Showcase your CAD model to your teams and stakeholders to evaluate design and make changes before starting production. This can save costs and resources, and help to solve potential issues before they happen.

complex data visualization with a 3d model car

Complex data visualization and understanding

An image is worth ten thousand words. Being completely immersed in your 3D data helps you analyze how each one connects and interact – especially with datasets coming from different CAD applications.

training in VR with a 3D mdel for training

Specialized training simulation

Create virtual simulations of training scenarios that can be too expensive, too dangerous, or impossible to do in real life. VR training helps workers learn better and faster than with traditional methods – even for specialized skills.

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Immersive room vs Virtual reality headsets

Both immersive rooms and head-mounted displays are technologies that are used to create completely immersive virtual reality experiences. However, there are key differences between the two that may make one a better fit for your specific use case. The choice between one virtual reality technology or the other highly depends on what your organization wants to achieve.

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How an immersive room works

An immersive room relies on a combination of high-end visualization technologies to create a highly-realistic and interactive virtual and augmented reality environment:

Cave vr


Projection system

High-resolution projectors or LED walls are used to display 3D models on the different sides

stereoscopic eyewear for immersive room


Stereoscopic eyewear

Users wear special glasses that display different images to each eye, creating the illusion of depth and three-dimensionality.



External sensors

Cameras and sensors are placed in the room to track the movements of users and adjust the projections to match the user’s perspective.

Tracking device sens glove


Tracking devices

Users interact with the VR models using a variety of input devices such as VR controllers, tracking gloves, joysticks, or other devices.

Specialized VR software for engineering

TechViz software is a scalable 3D visualization software that displays your CAD models in VR. It is compatible with a wide variety of devices and applications to precisely fit the needs of your organization. Our software can be configured to create a wide range of virtual environments and experiences.

Need to set-up a demo in an immersive room?

TechViz Lab is a unique facility located in the heart of Paris (France) where you can experience the latest innovations of XR for professionals:

Equipped with the latest high technologies both hardware and software, TechViz 4-sided immersive room is a fully integrated solution for VR and stereoscopic 3D visualizations. Developed with long-term partners, all experts in their field, this is your fast track to 3D Virtual Reality.

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TechViz Lab features

  • 3D Visualization Software TechViz XL by TechViz
  • Workstations DELL Precision 3650 equipped with NVIDIA RTX A5000 GPUs
  • Projection powered by Christie, 4 mirage M series
  • Integration by Antycip Simulation
  • Tracking system ARTTRACK 5 and navigation device Flystick 2 supplied by ART
  • Screens and structure supplied by Da-lite
  • Virtual reality glasses and emitters supplied by Volfoni


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