Powerwall VR TechViz - display your 3D model with TechViz 

 Display 3D data without conversion on a Powerwall 

TechViz Software allows to display any data on a powerwall using rear projection and several nodes.

Best VR display for collaboration

A Powerwall allows many workers  to attend a review at the same time. With the MultiView technology from Barco, Christie and Digital Projection, up to 6 people can be tracked to visualize the model from their own perspective.

Use Case: Review and Product Presentation

Easier to set up than an immersive room, this VR system is mainly used for Engineering and Multi-disciplinary review. Ideal for VIP presentations or demos for sales purposes with business partners.

 Ideal to visualize large 3D models

Thanks to TechViz graphics optimization, the Powerwall is perfect to visualize complex 3D data such as a engine. Ultra short focal projector of our several partners allows high performance in limited spaces without image distortion.