Immersive Room - Virtual Reality Showroom - 3D visualization

Immersive Room

A visualization solution to create an immersive 3D experience

Typical Immersive Room set up

A typical Immersive Room set up includes the following technologies:

  • Rear projection walls
  • Tracking sensors in the walls
  • Down projection floor
  • Video

Immersive Room users wear a pair of VR glasses which display a 3D image via stereoscopy. The 3D effect is rendered by displaying two images – one per eye – which allows the brain to interpret the depth of the objects. With the help of a tracking system which records the person’s actions inside an Immersive Room, the point of view of the user is defined to display the images with the right perspective.

A multi-faceted virtual environment allows users to:

Analyze spatially-related data

Focus on data with a fully integrated display, software, computing and support solution

Feel the 3D model floating in space, while still seeing their hands and other people

Navigate in life-sized environments


How works Techviz Software on a immersive room

Thanks to TechViz XL licence, the users will be able to navigate within their 3D models in 1:1 scale and visualize their product before it is actually built.  Easy and flexible, TechViz software can display more than 250 3D modelling applications without data conversion. Working like a driver, TechViz XL displays applications such as NXAutodeskCATIA V5 by just starting the application and loading the model.

TechViz immersive room - VR Showroom

TechViz CAVE - VR Showroom

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