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Revving up vehicles and heavy equipment with Extended Reality

Unlock the power of XR in the automotive & transportation industries with smarter design. XR technology empowers designers and engineers to bring CAD (computer aided design) vehicle prototypes to life with vivid 1:1 scale rendering, and optimize cockpit ergonomics ,thus ensuring maximum efficiency and comfort. With our cutting-edge conceptualization-assistance software, experience seamless rapid-prototyping and stay ahead of the competition, whether you develop cars, trucks, train, buses, excavators, or any type of equipment.

Sway decision-makers with compelling product presentation

Designers face a challenge when it comes to presenting virtual prototypes in an engaging way that captures decision-makers’ attention. But with 3D design software like VRED or Blender, you can add photorealistic rendering to 3D models developed on CAD applications like CATIA and Creo Parametrics, enhancing the original data.

However, to truly impress stakeholders, you need a solution that can display this output in immersive rooms or clusters of VR headsets, while keeping all the advanced rendering features like ambient occlusion and screen space reflection.

With TechViz, you can showcase your virtual prototypes in highly realistic and detailed ways, allowing designers and engineers to evaluate future vehicles alongside existing fleets.

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Maximize transportation efficiency and comfort with optimized cockpit ergonomics

Ensuring clear visibility and easy accessibility of all cockpit commands is crucial for the transportation industry. Using XR, TechViz can help designers achieve positive cockpit ergonomics and spatial layouts that improve focus, reduce user fatigue, and enhance safety.

Additionally, the generalization of touchscreens and digital meters has opened a lot of possibilities. It is important to ensure that any Human Machine Interface (HMI) is both functional and ergonomic. TechViz I3 feature enables the display of a 2D virtual touchscreen with your CAD-file, allowing for the evaluation of HMI ergonomics and operability.

Test-drive vehicles designs and CAD models

If you have ever experienced design mistakes in physical prototypes during driving tests, you know how costly and time-consuming it can be to fix them. With TechViz’ Fusion feature, you can test-drive your CAD models virtually, starting from the first iteration.

For instance, you can combine a CAD model of a vehicle with a driving simulation software like IPG CarMaker and AVSimulation SCANeR into a single virtual scene, creating a realistic driving experience.

And the best part? You can do it all from the comfort of your office using an HMD or an immersive room with a seat bucket.

Assess maintainability and mountability

Easy maintainability and mountability are critical factors for controlling total cost of ownership and production costs, respectively.

With TechViz, you can assess both factors using virtual tools. Evaluate accessibility and ergonomics of different operations on the 3D model to ensure they do not require inadequate postures for operators. Use virtual manikins or motion capture devices to get accurate feedback.

Do not wait until it is too late to discover that a design is hard to maintain or mount. Optimize your 3D design with TechViz and ensure easy maintenance and production.

Enhance operator safety with specialized VR training

The automotive and heavy equipment industry is leading the way by using intuitive VR simulations to enhance safety measures. Workers can now practice using equipment in a virtual environment, replicating scenarios that are too dangerous or expensive in real-life. By providing specialized training, both workers and equipment are protected from potential harm, minimizing the risk of accidents on site. Say goodbye to excess depreciation on equipment, as it is no longer being used for both training and work tasks.

Do not wait until it is too late to discover that a design is hard to maintain or mount. Optimize your 3D design with TechViz and ensure easy maintenance and production.

Streamline process with TechViz

An example of optimizing design process with TechViz: Find out how Stellantis uses TechViz to validate their design choices for new car models.

Read the PSA case study

One-click from CAD to VR

Start Catia V5 with TechViz virtual reality software

Load your model in its native CAD application

Select the software to display in VR with TechViz

Select the software to display with TechViz

The 3D model instantly displays in VR with TechViz

Instantly navigate in your 3D model in VR

TechViz software is compatible with most applications on the engineering for automotive and transportation market such as Autodesk VRED, CATIA V5-6, Solidworks, AutoCad, Creo elements, Autodesk Inventor and many more.

“By reviewing the models virtually we are able to catch interferences, perform clearance checks and fix engineering designs ahead of prototyping, allowing us to create fewer prototypes before the final product is ready. Ultimately, we hope the powerwall will not only help us reduce costs, but build the best farming equipment possible.”

– Joseph Black, senior business analyst, at AGCO Corporation

Unlock your engineering potential with TechViz

Works with any XR system

Visualize 3D models from 200+ CAD programs with VR headsets, powerwalls, or immersive rooms.

No data conversion

Enjoy a seamless XR experience with no risks of losing data quality or accuracy, even with large-scale models

Top level security

Keep your 3D data safe in all situations – even with remote collaborators. Only position data is exchanged between participants.

Wide range of features

Work smarter with cutting-edge tools with virtual review tools, collaboration tools and integrate the human factor in your process.

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XR in automotive and transportation according to TechViz

What is XR?

XR (eXtended Reality) is an umbrella term that refers to augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR). XR technology either by immerse you in the computer-generated virtual environment, add to, or augment, the user’s surroundings, or both of those.

Is XR right for my company?

XR provides an innovative edge to many organizations, but it might not be suitable for every product or every business. In many use cases, Augmented and Virtual technology will optimize existing processes and open new opportunities. For an XR solution to be profitable, you need to understand how XR technology operates, and what your current design-to-market process is.

Feel free to contact our experts to find out if XR can be a solution for your own use cases.

What does XR mean in the automotive and transportation industry?

The transportation industry encompasses a wide range of vehicles and equipment used for the transportation of goods and people, as well as construction machinery used in building and infrastructure projects. There are many use cases involving XR and the transportation industry, from the prototype to the production :

  • Digital prototyping and design engineering
  • Remote collaboration
  • Product lifecycle process optimization
  • Car ergonomics analysis
  • Interactive presentation to clients

How do I choose an XR solution? How much will it cost?

There are several Augmented and Virtual software on the market, and each application has the same major function. However, most of them specialize in an industry and/or are compatible with a narrow choice of CAD program. Also, many AR/VR software convert three-dimensional geometric data to VR, which poses many risks in terms of data loss and security.

TechViz is compatible with the most used engineering software of the market and with all existing XR displays. It can assess your technology ecosystem, your needs, and your budget to help you select the right hardware, 3D CAD software, and features for your company and your specific use cases.

As for the cost of the XR solution, it will be very dependent on your use case (hardware, software, and features). For instance, an immersive room is way more expensive than a pair of immersive virtual reality glasses, but offers very different results.

Which XR systems is TechViz compatible with?

You can run TechViz software in an immersive room, a powerwall, a head-mounted display (Oculus Rift, Meta Quest, HTC Vive focus 3, Varjo XR-3…) – or even a multi-device system.

You can view 3D CAD models from more than 200 application in TechViz without data conversion. TechViz software is the ideal solution if you want to interact with models from 3DEXPERIENCE in VR, CATIA in VR, PTC Creo in VR, NX in VR, Solidworks in VR, Revit in VR and many more.

Why should I choose TechViz for my AR/VR project?

TechViz is a leading augmented and virtual reality software editor since 2004, with a unique software that works without any data conversion. We have a strong expertise in the fields of virtual reality, 3D visualization solutions, virtual prototyping. We have a worldwide presence which helps us understand the specific needs of companies in other countries.


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