Video Recording: TechViz 3D virtual protyping software functionality to record videos of your virtual environment!


A helpfull functionality for real time 3D project reviews, training sessions, communication projects and many more.

Record videos of your 3D model navigation

With TechViz Video Recording option, you can record a presentation and a user’s actions as an animation, AVI or a 3D movie. When recording a live session of the VR environment, any action can be recorded to be replayed later in a VR environment OR exported as a video AVI file.

Key features:

  • Very high quality video (HD)
  • Personalized video resolution
  • Customizable number of frames per second
  • From any 3D OpenGL software

Advantages of Video Recording:

  • All the interactive actions can be recorded
  • Record voice comments
  • Replay your video in stereo mode in your immersive system
  • Export video as an AVI file

Use Cases:

  • Product review 
  • Training: record the actions of an expert
  • Communication: present a walkthrough in a future plant to a customer, prepare a corporate video
  • Documentation


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