Keep your data safe in all situations with our VR Software

Security of your data is a major concern. TechViz is aware of such issue. That’s why we’re providing a VR software that keeps your data safe. Our solution runs locally, meaning no model data travels from point A to point B. That way, no data can be stolen from you. TechViz has been tested and approved by the IT departments of major companies with the most stringent security requirements, such as aeronautics or defense contractors.

Remote collaboration has no impact on your security. In order to remain totally safe even in collaboration from a distant location, the only information reaching out to your collaborator is the position/tracking data while your model data stays safe in your system. However, all collaborators must be in possession of the same 3D model.

Advantage of having safe data

Don’t loose any data with TechViz software. Keep your data worth hours of work away from any threat. Our software runs on local, preventing online leaks from happening.

As long as you are working locally, you can stay focused on the work and the project without having to worry about security.

Collaborate with your colleagues as well! As long as each participant is in possession of the same 3D model, your data does not trip from one place to another. Only position data is exchanged between participants.

Use: Safe Data

Safe data enables you to:

  • Protect sensitive data
  • Work safely with remote collaborators
  • Keep hackers at bay

TechViz: partner of your virtual reality transformation

Our experience in the engineering field allows us to advise you in your integration project of virtual reality. Our hardware experience (15 years) means that we are able to optimize the performance of your machines. Contact us now to tell us about your goals and issues related to VR integration.

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