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Referenzen und Erfahrungsberichte unserer Kunden

Mehr als 300 namhafte Referenzen haben sich für die TechViz software entschieden


agco testimonial„By reviewing the models virtually we are able to catch interferences, perform clearance checks and fix engineering designs ahead of prototyping, allowing us to create fewer prototypes before the final product is ready. Ultimately, we hope the powerwall will not only help us reduce costs, but build the best farming equipment possible.“

– Joseph Black, senior business analyst, at AGCO Corporation


„Key factors are time, quality and cost“. „Virtual reality helps prevent failure analysis in a product design for a guaranty of quality. We carry out virtualphotorealistic design reviews in real time to save time. Virtual prototypes are now replacing physical prototypes to reduce costs and to improve on efficiency with faster delivery of digital prototypes to required locations“.

– Markus Halbritter, Senior Project Manager,Virtual Reality and 3D Visualisation, at BSH Boschund Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH


logo skanska testimonial“When I navigate in a virtual building, I usually give the flystick to constructors so they can feel the immersive experience. It gives a realistic understanding of what a building or a construction project could look like”

-Johan Ahrebo, Visualization centre manager Virtual Reality and 3D Visualisation at Skanska


groupe renault_affichage en réalité virtuelle avec TechViz

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