The Virtual Assembly solution: select, move and manipulate parts of your 3D model!


The TechViz Virtual Assembly solution enables to move parts of a 3D model, see collisions and even record a path to be reloaded for further studies. It is ideal for project review, maintenance and training sessions.

  • Key features

    • Collision detection: display collision, physic simulation or haptic feedback with IPSI connector
    • Fast usage, no preparation needed, no conversion nor development
    • Compatible with all supported 3D applications
    • Defining motion constraints (axial pivot, linear, etc.) between parts or between a part and the world

A virtual and interactive experience!

A real driver to immersive simulation, the TechViz solution works directly from your existing 3D application, in real time. Compatible with more than 200 3D applications, the Virtual Assembly solution by TechViz enables an interactive experience by simulating physical interaction of objects in 3D. It is ideal to reduce technical risks, improve assembly processes or validate maintenance operations.

Virtual Assembly 3D model

How does the Virtual Assembly option work?

TechViz’s Virtual Assembly works with our 3D visualization software TechViz XL.

TechViz XL is a Virtual Prototyping software acting like a driver to capture directly your 3D model (Autodesk Navisworks, Siemens Jack, Dassault Systemes 3DVia, etc). The Virtual Assembly option of this VR software has a universal part recognition engine that allows part selection and manipulation. Application connectors like CATIA Connector, Navisworks Connector, NX connector, Creo Connector, used in addition to the Virtual Assembly option provide with part information, as they are defined in the PLM database.

Why Virtual Assembly?

  • Move interactively a part of the model or a virtual tool:

– Fine displacement step by step

Display part position and orientation

– Associate parts with tracked target

  • See collisions and record a path that can be reloaded for further studies
  • Validate mounting/unmounting tasks maintenance operations or provide training sessions
  • Connect to the PLM Product Structure tree (for supported 3D applications)
  • IPSI connector

– Based on Haption IPSI industrial engine

– Full rigid body engine

– Parts follow rigorous physics simulation

– In real time

Display forces

– Possible to add a Virtuose force-feedback device

Use cases

  • Manufacturing: Process review, Assembly Design
  • Product design: Maintainability validation
  • Architecture: Interior Design


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