TechViz participated jointly with PNY/Nvidia and Tridelity at Laval Virtual 2011 at booth F1-F3.

Laval Virtual is THE number one show in Europe dedicated to virtual technology. Internationally recognised as one of the main events in the field, the Laval Virtual show brings together contributors from more than 40 countries around the world and offers great international business opportunities. Laval Virtual is offering you the possibility to meet the major players in the sector of virtual technology as well as the opportunity to find out how these technologies will be able to best intervene in your current activity to profit in the terms of time, money, quality and efficiency.

Complementary companies in terms of visualization solutions, TechViz and its partners combine their hardware and software know-how to deliver a global solution which allows visualization in real time and 1:1 scale of digital models and virtual prototypes.

At Laval Virtual 2011, TechViz has been offering you the opportunity to watch two demos of its visualization solutions, using two different display systems.

The first demo has been using TechViz visualization software (TechViz XL, TechViz Fusion and TVZLib) with Barco’s projection system in combination with Nvidia’s Quadro 5000 graphic card installed on an HP workstation. Thanks to TechViz XL software and its tracking and navigations options used with Nvidia 3D Vision Pro glasses and A.R.T.’s motion tracking system, visitors were able to interact with the 3D model scene. Other solutions showcased at Laval Virtual 2011 by TechViz were: TechViz Fusion, which allows merging 3D data of two different Open GL applications into one immersive view and TVZLib which enables you to write your own OpenGL fully immersive 3D application as quickly and easily as a normal desktop mouse-controlled 3D application.

The second demo focussed on TechViz visualization software (TechViz TV) used with Tridelity’s 55″ autosteroscopic screen. TechViz TV makes your application “3D ready”. Stereo 3D comes directly to your usual 3D applications without any data conversion thanks to TechViz TV software using Tridelity’s autostereoscopic multiview display.

TechViz enables Virtual Prototyping more than 150 application. Unfortunately we could not show all theses applications! We decided to focus on two applications : Dassault Systeme Catia and Unity 3D Engine. Dassault Systeme Catia was chosen to show our new CAA partnership. Unity was chosen to show our upcoming TechViz TVZLIB SDK that enables users to put interactivity into their own application.

For more information concerning our participation at Laval Virtual 2011 and our visualization solutions, please contact:

Emanuela Boutin-Boila

International Marketing Manager

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Gilles Barbieux

Sales Manager France

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