08-11 August | Siggraph 2022

TechViz at Siggraph 2022

Meet us and our partners Barco, HTC, ART, Lenovo and NVIDIA at Siggraph 2022 on booth #1111. You will be able to test our technologies enhancing processes of collaborative work!

TechViz program

You will be able to try out XR collaboration, with TechViz’ Multi-device XR spaces.  It makes possible to collaborate in Virtual or Augmented Reality around a 3D model in real time, with any type of immersive systems, either locally or remotely. This will include:

  • An immersive wall powered by a Barco UDM projector and Rigiflex screen and ART Tracking system
  • This wall will work in collaboration with a HTC Focus 3 VR headset, to experience the collaborative capabilities of TechViz software
  • Another pod will be demoing the powerful association of TechViz with Lenovo ThinkReality A3 glasses that offers a whole new experience for designers, architects and engineers to work with AR

This multi-device XR space enables to display the 3D model directly from its CAD software and without any data conversion. All users will be able to interact independently with the model and either navigate freely or in a co-localized way with their respective actual position. Their movements can be captured and rendered in the virtual scene through a photorealistic avatar.


In addition, you can join us at 9 am on August 10th in NVIDIA’s  meeting room 121 in the West Building. We will be holding a presentation about Cloud&Viz. This TechViz’ solution enables to stream 3D models remotely to any standalone VR device, with no need for CAD license nor important computing power. Join us to discover more about it!


  • START: August 8th
  • END: August 11th
  • LOCATION: Vancouver Convention Centre – 1055 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC (Canada)
  • BOOTHS: 1111 and 121
  • PARTNERS: Barco, HTC, ART, Lenovo and NVIDIA
  • WEBSITE: Official Website

About Siggraph

For almost half a century, SIGGRAPH has been the premier conference for computer graphics and interactive techniques worldwide. This year, attendants will  gather in person in Vancouver and virtually. Join SIGGRAPH 2022 on august to share your voice and contribute your latest innovations in computer graphics, digital art, animation, visual effects, new realities, artificial intelligence, and more.