[SAVE THE DATE] TechViz will be exhibiting at it3D 2016! Attendees will have the opportunity to see TechViz’s Virtual Reality software and its large VR display opportunities.

TechViz will demonstrate their software TechViz XL in the Office System named VR in a Case developped with its partner Immersion.

Both compact and transportable, this VR display system will enable you to transform your regular meeting room into a Virtual Reality equipped one!

TechViz will also demonstrate its solution in a HMD, HTC Vive, another light system enabling you to do project review or even to do ergonomic studies and correct mistakes at an early stage.

We will show you a CATIA submarine model, an Autodesk Naviswork cement plant model, and a RTT Ford Mustang model.

Learn more about TechViz’s Virtual Prototyping software displayed in a HMD!

About it3D

During 2 days, come to discover and share about the Collaborative & Immersive 3D Technologies, dedicated to the industry.

A short and efficient format, based on experiences exchange between skilled users and beginners, in order to benefit of the latest trends and to answer your needs in a matter of ROI.

Inspirience is an English neologism derived from the contraction of the words ‘inspiring’ and ‘experience’. An inspirience is by definition an inspiring experience.

This is the philosophy of inspirience the 3D, offering participants a rich and surprising experience, upseting their habits and giving them the keys to go further.

This event is directed to the professionals from industry, across all sectors, using 3D in their activities, as IT Directors, PLM Managers, Design Managers, DMU Managers…

Visit the event’s website: << it3D 2016 >>

Marketing – Lamia Souilah lsouilah@techviz.net

Sales – Gilles Barbieux – gbarbieux@techviz.net



  • START : December 14, 2016
  • END : December 15, 2016

  • LOCATION : Bordeaux, FRANCE