Use TechViz VR with your VR Headset!

TechViz VR software can be displayed in an Head Mounted Display for an immersive virtual prototyping experience!

Vive pro et htc vive en collaboration

How to display a 3D model in a VR headset?

TechViz VR acts like a driver to capture directly a 3D model (Autodesk Navisworks, PTC Creo, Alias, etc.) loaded in the original software TechViz VR. The experience in HMD is highly dependent on the framerate. To avoid the so called “motion-sickness” TechViz VR optimizes the graphics without compromising on quality and details. This graphics optimization allows to reach the FPS requirement while displaying the 3D model very smoothly into your lightweight and easy to set up headset.

TechViz VR: the ideal prototyping software for the highest performing HMD

TechViz virtual reality software is compatible with Dell VisorOculus RiftHTC Vive, Vive ProSensics, etc. Easy carried and very flexible, these HMD have proven their efficiency around the world and are highly appreciated by the virtual prototyping systems’ users. Thanks to TechViz VR, the user can visualize any 3D model (Siemens NX. PTC Creo parametrics, Dassault Systemes Catia V5, Icem Surf, Autodesk Alias and many more) in real-time in a HMD. TechViz VR is compatible with more than 250 industrial applications!

VR HMD used with TechViz VR Collaboration

Profesionals who use TechViz Collaborative can visualize a common 3D model from remote sites and on heterogeneous stereo immersive systems (Immersive Room, office system, powerwall, AR/VR/MR headset). This option boosts productivity, enabling teamwork between departments based in different locations and real-time visualization and collaboration.

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