[TECHVIZ AT SIEMENS PLM WORLD 2016] TechViz has been exhibiting at SIEMENS PLM WORLD 2016 along with Haption (Haptic devices). For this new edition, TechViz has been offering visitors a complete immersion into the world of Virtual Reality with key VR partner. Organized around a dedicated demonstration area (custom projection screen) and a Haptic arm, TechViz introduced TechViz solution and its numerous B2B applications on multiple media. A great experience to be continued in 2017 !

TechViz Booth at Siemens PLM 

Haption Haptic Arm

Haption Haptic Arm on TechViz Booth

TechViz XL Immersive Software

Virtual Reality Enthusiast : get VR ready! 

Siemens PLM World 2016 has become the official place to be for all VR enthusiasts. While joining this event, we have been able to show and demonstrate how TechViz XL can leverage assets from VR systems, getting the best of TechViz XL in an easy-to-use VR light display including Head Mounted Display (HMD) : no data conversion, 1:1 real-time display, +200 certified applications. Joining Laval Virtual was also a good opportunity to discover these innovative and numerous VR applications, widely appreciated by our teams.


SIEMENS PLM WORLD 2016, May 17-19 2016

HP Zvr Virtual Reality Display

TechViz Collaborative Option