12-13 October | VR Days at Oxford Brookes University

Discover at VR Days the UK’s first multiview stereoscopic CAVE

VR Days with TechViz at Oxford Brookes University

TechViz at Oxford Brookes University VR Days

Join TechViz and ST Engineering Antycip at Oxford Brookes University for the opening of UK’s first multiview stereoscopic immersive room.

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At VR Days vou’ll be able to discover the latest innovations for group Virutal Reality sessions:

  • Try a brand new CAVE at Oxford Brookes University with multiple points of view.
  • Connect to state of the art Varjo headsets, creating a hybrid, multi-device VR scene.

The multi-device VR scene is possible thanks to XR collaboration, with TechViz’ Multi-device XR spaces.  It makes possible to collaborate in Virtual or Augmented Reality around a 3D model in real time, with any type of immersive systems, either locally or remotely.


About Oxford Brookes University

This University also known as Oxford Polytechnic is one of UK’s top 50 universities. They’re nationally recognized for their research excellence framework. This October, their Open Days focus on Virtual Reality and attendants will gather to watch and try the new multitview stereoscopic CAVE. Don’t miss this event out!