[SAVE THE DATE] TechViz, VR collaboration software editor, will be at Laval Virtual for its 20th edition, from the 4th to the 6th April 2018 on booth F16 with his partners Christie and HP. It will be the occasion to discover TechViz immersive new solutions for large systems and headsets.



Bring your own 3D data and come to try our demo of instant display of TechViz XL, our virtual prototyping software, on a Powerwall. This software enables to display your largest 3D data on any virtual reality system and at a very high frame rate, without any data conversion, and from any 3D application.

You can visualize your 3D model at 1:1 scale, navigate directly in your virtual model in real time, interact with your own data, and identify potential errors before even making the real product.

On the program : new products 

  • Virtual Manikin : This functionality that enables to imitate one or various operators in their work envioronment, in real time. To validate their posture or even to visualize how they can interact altogether.

  • Fingertracking 2 Tactile & Interactive Image Integration (I3): Emulate a touch-sensitive interaction with HMI in an immersive environment, and make HMI ergonomic studies in virtual reality. Create various scenarios such as testing hand accessibility to the main commands from the driver seat of a car, and feel the haptic feedback.

  • TechViz Collaborative: Collaborate instantly with various persons from different places of the world, on the same 3D data, in real time, and from different immersive systems. (Immersive Room, Powerwall, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Meta, Windows Mixed Reality…).

  • Demo 4: TechViz VR instantly on the Panoramic Virtual Reality HMD StarVR

  • Sketching : Draw in virtual reality thanks to a controller. Circle a specific area of your 3D model to highlight parts of your virtual prototype. Make annotations, add some elements to the 3D model while making a project review in VR.

  • Snapshot 360°: Take photos in real time during your project review, and visualize them afterwards in 360°, exactly as if you still were in your project review. Relive a key moment of your project review whenever you want.

TechViz Sketching at Laval

About Laval Virtual

20th edition on virtual reality and augmented reality. Since 1999, Laval Virtual is the pioneer in trade shows for innovation and new technologies and the world leader in new technologies and virtual uses with 300 exhibitors expected in 2018.

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