Immersive Room Inauguration at Korea Maritime & Ocean University

On November 26th 2015, TechViz was invited for an immersive room inauguration at the Korea Maritime & Ocean University with its partner Silicon Studio, in South Korea. It was the occasion for TechViz to display models from Catia, Foran, UG NX and Navisworks.

About Korea Maritime & Ocean University

There are no boundaries or obstacles which KMOU cannot overcome as we live in the ocean. Over Korea to the world! KMOU plays a central role in helping Korea navigate through the five oceans and six continents. KMOU, based on Jinhae Marine Officer School established in 1919, was developed in 1945 by Dr. Lee Si-Hyeong who pursued Korea’s development through the sea. The footprint made by KMOU for the past 90 years is just the history of Korea’s development and growth in the sea.