5-7 December| Immerse Global Summit 

TechViz at Global Immerse Summit 2023

Join TechViz and Lenovo at Global Immerse Summit 2023 for the first collaboration in Augmented Reality with two Lenovo ThinkRealityA3.


At the Immerse Global Summit vou’ll be able to discover the latest innovations for group Augmented and Virtual Reality sessions:

  • Try TechViz multi-device collaboration platform for AR and VR
  • For the first time in the world, the collaboration of two Lenovo ThinkRealityA3 on a remote collaboration platform

The multi-device VR scene is possible thanks to XR collaboration, with TechViz’s Multi-device XR spaces.  It makes it possible to collaborate in Virtual or Augmented Reality around a 3D model in real time, with any type of immersive systems, either locally or remotely.


    • START: December 5th
    • END: December 7th
    • LOCATION: Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, Florida
    • WEBSITE: Immerse Global Summit

About Global Immerse Summit

Global Immerse Summit is the rebranded event formerly known as VR/AR Summit. This change of name reflects how Extended Reality is now deeply integrated in our workplaces, industries and daily lives. This event is the mist-attend conference for technology and business growth around immersive technologies.