Vicon customers to take center stage at SIGGRAPH 2014

Framestore, The Capture Lab, Bradford University, Lumiscaphe, TechViz and Autodesk to present motion capture techniques for media, entertainment and product design.

By Jennifer Wolfe | Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at 11:57am

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OXFORD, UK – Vicon, the motion capture technology specialists for the entertainment, life sciences and engineering industries, has announced a series of customer presentations that will take place at its SIGGRAPH booth (#733) on August 12-14 in Vancouver, Canada. Customers spanning media and entertainment, education and virtual product design will share their motion capture expertise and provide insight into their latest projects. Vicon will also unveil groundbreaking new products, and enhancements to its existing motion capture software.

Framestore’s motion capture supervisor Ben Guthrie, and senior motion capture technical director Gary Marshall, will reveal how they used Vicon motion capture systems for the Academy Award-winning blockbuster, Gravity.

Leading motion capture studio The Capture Lab will provide insight into how they are creating unique, automated motion capture pipeline tools using Vicon cameras and Blade 2 software.

Autodesk 3D artist Lukas Faeth will present ‘3D Automotive Visualization with Autodesk VRED Professional’, demonstrating immersive virtual prototyping in action using Autodesk VRED 3D visualization software, a live Vicon system and Tracker software.

Karl Abson, lecturer in creative technology at Bradford University, will present ‘An Introduction to Quadruped

Motion Capture’, using motion capture of a horse in this beginner’s guide to capturing four-legged creatures.

James Brown, visualization designer at 3D visualization specialists Lumiscaphe, will demonstrate how the company uses Vicon Tracker software and the Apex tracking tool for virtual manufacturing and design.

Alexis Vartanian, CTO at 3D visualization solutions provider TechViz, will give a presentation on displaying high- resolution 3D virtual prototypes in real time directly from desktop 3D applications in a fully-immersive 3D virtual environment, using TechViz XL software alongside Vicon Tracker and Apex.

Throughout the show, display systems specialist Pufferfish will showcase their latest multi-touch stereoscopic 3D display with Vicon Tracker and Bonita systems. The new display represents a major step forward in virtual reality, whereby volumetric data exits the Immersive Room virtual environment and enters the room.

A full schedule will soon be available on Vicon ’s web site. Videos of the presentations will be available to view after

SIGGRAPH on Vicon’s YouTube channel.

Source: Vicon