JVRC in Paris: SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2.0 Integrated with TechViz Virtual Reality Solutions

Teltow/Paris, December 9, 2013

SensoMotoric Instruments and TechViz have integrated SMI’s leading mobile eye tracking technology with TechViz 3D visualization software and will demo new possibilities for early stage testing of virtual prototypes and designs at JVRC conference in Paris

Eye tracking technology leader SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) from Germany and TechViz, leader in 3D visualization software from France, have cooperated to fully integrate SMI’s first 3D glasses with full eye tracking capability into the leading 3D visualization solutions by TechViz. Both companies have already presented the integration of SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2.0 to customers coming from the automotive, consumer products and other industries as well as to academic researchers at the new TechViz virtual reality showroom in Paris. Now, at the 5th Joint Virtual Reality Conference, taking place December 11-13 in Paris, both companies will demo the possibility to include gaze behaviour of users in early stage testing of car models, industrial sites or store layouts.

 Watch video on the integration of SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2.0 in TechViz showroom

 SMI Eye Tracking Glasses are worn like a normal pair of glasses. Eye tracking is accomplished by two small cameras on the rim of the glasses while a scene camera records the field of view of the user.

For real 3D experience of the wearer and full immersion into the virtual environment, active stereo glasses using Volfoni’s ActiveEyeTM technology are integrated with the eye tracking hardware. The eye tracker also detects the eye distance of the wearer, which allows to optimize the 3D experience for individual physiognomies. Thanks to special optical head tracking targets and the SMI VRPN server, SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2.0 allow partners like TechViz to import 6D gaze vectors in their own 3D application in order to display gaze on objects in the virtual environment.

 Arnd Rose, Product Manager SMI: “The integration of our eye tracking data into the TechViz 3D environment allows companies to gather the same behavioral insights eye tracking provides in real-world environments. But they can test at earlier stages when costs of realization are still comparably low.”

 Alberto Gabai, CEO, TechViz: “Our customers can come and view in real-time their own application running in a 3D environment. We decided to integrate eye tracking because it informs you objectively what a persons sees and misses. We always try to integrate the best technology and to partner with the best companies in the world and SMI is part of them.”

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