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Finger Tracking

The Finger Tracking feature enables to touch parts and interact with them in a very simple and natural way. A perfect solution to evaluate users perception of a product or simulate an assembly task to measure time and feasibility.

Use your hands in your Virtual Reality experience

Visualize your hands, touch and interact directly with your 3D model in the virtual environment with TechViz Finger Tracking feature.

Key features

Compatible with a VR headset
Collision detection: display collision or haptic feedback
Compatible with all supported 3D applications
Easy to use and interactive

Use Cases

  • Lean Manufacturing: engineers can evaluate if workers can operate their shops.  It can also be used to measure the time to perform a given task.
  • Tractor Design: analyze reachability and accessibility of the different equipment. They check ergonomics of their onboard computer HMI. Thanks to the haptic feedback of the ART Vibro Tactile Feedback, the experience is more realistic than ever, giving engineers an accurate customer perception.
  • Compared to Cardboard style testing, it is quick to setup, multiple variants can be simulated. Any variant can be stored and evaluated again months after the first try.

How does Finger Tracking feature work?

This feature works with our 3D visualization software TechViz XL.

TechViz XL is an immersive 3D visualization software acting like a driver to capture directly your 3D model (Autodesk Navisworks, Siemens NX, PTC, etc). The Finger Tracking option of this virtual protyping software is compatible with the professional devices ; ART Vibro Tactile Finger Tracking, ART Finger Tracking, Cyberglove, Canon MR and the LeapMotion.

Furthermore, this unique technology can combine ART, Cyberglove or leapmotion with the popular headset HTC Vive or Oculus.

Advantages of using Finger Tracking

Interact with your environment. It is possible to trigger cinematics. You can create cinematics using the Virtual Assembly and Video Recording options by TechViz. Then, specify the triggering parts and associate the cinematics on it. Once you touch those parts the cinematics will start.

Visualize your fingers to check accessibility. See an accurate representation of your fingers. Understand collisions between fingers and product with sound, colors and haptic feedback (with a compatible device)

Evaluate tactile HMI in your virtual environment. When combined with Interactive Image Integration users will be able to virtually control their tactile HMI for product ergonomics evaluation.


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