TechViz for the Energy, Oil and Gas industry


Virtual Reality is widely used by the Energy, Oil and Gas sector, be it to reduce costs or to assess risks and safety. Discover how TechViz helps Energy, Oil and Gas profesionnals with its VR software. 

Use cases:

  • Disaster planning: assess risks and safety,
  • Detect and measure features,
  • Validate new equipment design,
  • Path planning validation for dwell drilling,
  • Big-data visualization,
  • Training sessions: familiarize with vessels and task to be performed later on site.

Among + than 200 3D applications, TechViz solutions are compatible with:

Use VR to reduce costs, assess risks and improve productivity and safety in the Oil/Gas and Energy industries

The Oil & Gas industry has seen increasing costs for finding and lifting hydrocarbons in remote or hostile environments. Due to the cost involved in developing deep-water oil and gas reserves, 3D visualization has become extensively used to improve productivity and cut costs.

Moreover, working conditions in the production facilities, offshore platforms, are very hostile for workers. Sending staff and engineers to complex hazardous environments is extremely costly and requires very specific training. TechViz is used to help creating VR scenarios for training sessions or to assess risk and safety during maintenance operations in these remote or dangerous locations.

Companies in the energy industry are under intense pressure due to the exponential growth in power demand. Among the many benefits, VR enables to better transfer skills and increase knowledge, to ensure all workers are well prepared. By optimizing maintenance procedures and maximising workflow, the business value of using VR solutions is colossal.


Client testimonials

Angello Padilla Maradiegue Chief integrated engineering, Mining division at Grana and Montero Ingenieros Consultores (GMI)
“Visualizing our designs via a 3D intelligent system prevents inter-discipline compatibility errors, accessibility problems and ergonomics issues in the projects, or interference at the time of construction”. “We thus improve the project performance and increase time spent on the designs”. 

The Peruvian consultancy company executes complex projects in sectors like mining, oil and gas, industrial processes, hydrocarbon, energy, water supply, infrastructure.

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