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[SAVE THE DATE] Join us with our partner Barco at VR Expo 2018, in Stuttgart, Germany, on booth B7 & B6 from July 5th to 6th 2018. Attendees will be able to try our virtual reality demos for industrials and discover VR collaboration between various immersive systems.

Visualize and navigate directly in your own 3D data! Bring your own industrial 3D data from PTC, Catia or HyperView applications and come to our booth to display them instantly on a HMD or on Barco’s transportable Immersive Room thanks to TechViz and its advanced functionalities. Make your project review in VR, check, validate and make changes in virtual reality before making the actual prototype.

Engineers in the automotive and Manufacturing sector or in the Industry and Machinery use TechViz to make their project reviews in VR. They can virtually explore a complete product before its production and correct potential design errors, validate ergonomics for workers’ postures or speed up the journey to market of assembly lines.

Visualize and navigate directly in your largest 3D data, in high fram rate and in 1:1 scale, without having to make any data conversion!

On the program

  • Demos of industrial 3D models from Catia, PTC, Solidworks, HyperView applications instantly displayed on HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset thanks to TechViz VR
  • Demos of TechViz XL directly on Barco‘s transportable Immersive Room, without data conversion
  • Collaborative vr demo between both immersive systems: HP Windows Mixed Reality headset in collaboration with the Immersive Room

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  • START : July 5, 2018
  • END : July 6, 2018
  • BOOTH : B7 & B6 with Barco
  • LOCATION : Stuttgart, Germany
  • PARTNER : Barco

About VR Expo

After the success of the 1st edition of 2017, VR Expo is coming back with a 2nd edition held by the Virtual Dimension Center (VDC) and the lightshape GmbH & Co. Over two days, VR Expo will be showcasing VR & AR professional applications for engineering, Marketing, service and training.

Event Website: << VR Expo 18 >>

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Marketing – Lucie Deniset

Sales Manager – Cecilia Saavedra