Display your 3D model in an Augmented Reality headset with TechViz VR™ and Meta 2, a lightweight and compact solution

Paris – (August 1st, 2017) – TechViz (www.techviz.net), a global provider of immersive 3D virtual prototyping software solutions, is introducing its latest immersive visualization solutions compatibility at Siggraph 2017.

TechViz is demonstrating the strong and brand-new combination of the TechViz VR™ software package and Meta Augmented Reality headset for the first time. TechViz VR allows users to display instantly 3D models directly from native industrial or VR applications, without data conversion, on any types of 3D systems (Wall, Immersive Room, HMD).Meta 2 headset web visual

A leap in immersive VR technology, the association of TechViz VR software and the Meta 2 Augmented Reality headset allows users to visualize instantly the 3D application of their choice among more than 200, at a very high frame rate with high image quality and without data conversion.

The headset wearers will be able to save cost and time and to benefit from a lightweight solution. They will visualize their 3D model anywhere. No need to have a dedicated office space for your technical and project reviews, you only need your data and your headset.

TechViz, in collaboration with Meta, offers this visualization tool to enterprises with direct plug-in to TechViz VR. It seamlessly combines the real and virtual environments so users can be able to see real objects, tools and colleagues within the visualization. The pairing constitutes an immersive and interactive tool for engineering, design, education and other fields. TechViz collaborative functionality is available enabling users to visualize a 3D model simultaneously and to work on remote sites.

“We [TechViz] aMeta 2 headset web imagere quite thrilled to be collaborating with Meta and demonstrating our product at Siggraph 2017. With TechViz range, TechViz XL and TechViz VR, we have offered several opportunities to enhance project reviews using tools to correct mistakes, saving time and money during the conception”, commented TechViz General Manager, Alberto Gabaï. “The combination of TechViz VR™ and the Meta headset brings a thrilling new dimension to immersive 3D virtual prototyping and to augmented reality. We are looking forward to working together.” Collaboration between teams is enhanced since coworkers can visualize a 3D model at the same time, anywhere with only their headset on which facilitates and fastens their work.

“Meta is glad to be showcased with TechViz at Siggraph 2017,” says Evan Helda, Director of Global Markets at Meta. “The combination of the Meta 2 augmented reality headset and TechViz VR software is one example of how easily users can display their 3D models onto a 3D display.” “The 2.5K display high resolution and 90-degree field of view of the Meta 2 will enable customers to visualize their 3D models distinctly anywhere.”


A world leading position in displaying 3D applications (Catia, Revit, Siemens NX and more) on any VR system (Immersive Room, HTC Vive, Oculus, wall). Our software solutions help improve your production cycles, save money and reduce time to market of a product by having a better understanding of your 3D data. www.techviz.net


Born in NYC and raised in Silicon Valley, Meta has been defining the field of AR since the company’s inception in 2012. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Meta was selected by Y Combinator (YC13) for seed funding. Meta entered the marketplace with the first see-through glasses that allowed wearers to move and manipulate 3D content intuitively, using natural hand interactions. With the introduction of the groundbreaking Meta 2 product at TED 2016, Meta is once again redefining the market and delivering a new generation of Natural Machines™ that will become a healthy, vital extension of who we are. For more information, visit www.metavision.com

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