[SAVE THE DATE] TechViz will be exhibiting at Adex, Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition 2017, on booth D212/D222. You will have the chance to try live demonstrations of TechViz and its functionalities!

Meet TechViz and its partners Dassault Systèmes and Silicon Studio Korea at Adex 2017. At this occasion attendees will be able to try live demos of TechViz XL and its functionalities with KAI, Korea Aerospace Industries & Dassault Systèmes 3D models. Bring your own 3D model and display it instantly in various systems, including an HTC Vive and a Powerwall. For an immersive VR experience.

In the Military and defense industry, engineers use TechViz XL, virtual prototyping software, for their project review, during the phase of conception of their military aircraft, helicopters or drones.

VR makes it possible to design the apparatus, the maintenance conditions and the materials dedicated to these operations. All operators have real-time access to all up-to-date information. As an example from the design stage onwards, the pilot is able to verify, on a real scale, that the equipment on the dashboard and those installed in the upper part of the cockpit are visible and accessible. It can also move objects. An easy way to correct mistakes at an early stage of the product development.

Engineers can merge distinct phases chronologically: design, industrialization, manufacture, fittings and sales, support and maintenance. Thanks to this anticipation capacity, the entire life cycle of the product is managed.

An ideal solution for a VR project review or for VIP presentations.

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About Adex

Seoul Adex is a 6-day event being held from 17th October to the 22 October 2017 at the Seoul Airport in Seoul, Korea. This event is the largest exhibition covering aerospace & defense in South Korea. It showcases products and services like defense development, defense electronics systems, electric machine, helicopter, global aviation spares and many more related products and services.


Visit the event’s website: << Seoul Adex 2017 >>

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  • START : October 17, 2017
  • END : October 20, 2017
  • BOOTH : D212 & D222

  • LOCATION : Seoul, South Korea

  • PARTNERS : Dassault Systèmes, Silicon Studio, KAI