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This year for Laval Virtual Show, TechViz will showcase its product updates

This year for Laval Virtual show, TechViz will showcase its product updates and the latest innovations with its partners on booth E6 

Press Release – 03/20/2019

Paris – March 20th, 2019 – This year for Laval Virtual show, TechViz will showcase its product updates and the latest innovations with its partners on booth E6.

TechViz is a software editor, developer and provider of virtual reality visualization and collaboration solutions for 3D applications. Founded in 2004 and based in Paris, the company has become a global expert in virtual reality technology, with immersive 3D visualization solutions, leading the market.

Enhanced TechViz collaborative mode

Collaboration through TechViz has become even more efficient with the ability to use digital mockup functions collaboratively. Not only can you see the same object, but you can now genuinely interact, cutting planes, drawing sketches and moving parts from different ends.

Christie Multipoint of view projection enables true collaboration

Multipoint of view technology makes it possible for a single projector to accommodate multiple viewers, each being tracked and each having their own view of the image, remaining at 1:1 scale whatever their position. It is the single biggest hardware innovation for VR projection systems in years. It is a perfect match to TechViz XL collaborative function, allowing users to see and interact in a truly shared manner. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience it on TechViz booth with Christie’s game-changing D4K40-RGB dual point of view projector.

DirectX exclusive preview

TechViz is about to release an updated version of its software that is compatible with the main DirectX-based applications. An exclusive preview of Autodesk’s BIM tool Revit visualized through TechViz will be showcase on the booth.

TechViz partnering with Pimax and the new 8K Series VR headsets

TechViz has been at the forefront of VR display for the last 15 years, being compatible with most VR devices launched to the market. And will be partnering at Laval Virtual with Pimax, showcasing their new 8K and 5K+ VR headsets, with high resolution and wide field of view.

Together with its partners, TechViz will bring a truly immersive experience to users in the virtual world on booth E6 from March 20th to 22th.

About TechViz

TechViz has a world leading position in displaying 3D applications such as Catia, Revit, NX and more than 200 others, on any VR system (Immersive rooms, HMDs, Powerwalls…). Our software solutions help improve production cycles, save money and reduce time to market of a product by having a better understanding of your 3D data.


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