10-11 July | Multiview Collaboration Open Day in Manchester

[SAVE THE DATE] Participate in the Multiview Collaboration Open Days organised in Digital Projection Office, in Manchester. This is a unique opportunity to discover the new Multiview 3D Capable Insight 4K HFR 360 projector combined with TechViz technology. 

On the Program: Collaboration in VR

You are invited in Digital Projection Showroom to discover the new MultiView 3D Insight 4K projector HFR 360 which allows a 3D visualization on a Powerwall for multiple users.

A real revolution in the world of XR Technologies:  thanks to a frequency of ultra fast frame rates, each person present in the room is tracked and visualizes a 3D model in VR that remains adapted to its own perspective, even when the user changes its position.

This new technology fosters collaborative working inside the same 3D datasets but can even be used to view three different applications at the same time upon the same display opening up a host of new and interesting possibilities for your project reviews of sales presentations.

Paired with TechViz software, users can improve users can improve their industrial processes by displaying in VR any 3D data, correcting errors at the early stages of a products conception and validating in real time their future product.

Please register to the event by clicking here and allow a minimun of 1h30 for an individual demo.


About Antycip

Antycip Simulation is a technology provider that has expertise in both the software and hardware domains when it comes to 3D visualization.

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Digital Projection manufactures an extensive and expanding line of ultra-high-performance projection systems.

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