TechViz is pleased to announce its participation at ITEC 2011 in partnership with Intersense on Booth D161.

This year, TechViz will demonstrate its product TechViz XL on a Stereo 3D Display Panel from JVC with Intersense IS900 tracking system. TechViz will show two different capabilities of its solutions.

Firstly, TechViz will demonstrate how it can seamlessly enable existing 3D applications to become fully Immersive. The application is Delmia from Dassault Systems and the focus of the demonstration is virtual maintenance training operation.

Secondly TechViz will demonstrate how easy it is to develop a fully immersive and interactive 3D application. TechViz will show a sample made with Unity 3D and TechViz TVZLIB.

For more information concerning TechViz participation at ITEC 2011 and our solutions, please contact:

Mr. Salvatore Gabaï

International Sales Manager

Email: [email protected]

About InterSense

InterSense Incorporated is a market leader in precision motion technology. Its patented Hybrid Inertial Technology tracks motion with an unmatched combination of real-time positioning, tracking and alignment capabilities, bringing higher speed and quality to visual simulation, enhanced vision and navigation applications. InterSense’s premier motion tracking products enable real-time, realistic interaction with computer graphics to enhance technical applications in training and simulation, robotics, augmented reality, 3D virtual displays, video/game development and film production, oil and gas exploration, industrial design and medical imaging.

In addition to a marquis customer base spanning the military, industrial, entertainment, research, engineering and life sciences industries, InterSense also works with a global network of software partners, systems integrators, value added resellers and OEM hardware partners to deliver solutions tailored to customer needs. For more information, visit

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