20-24 March| Laval Virtual 2019

[SAVE THE DATE] Meet TechViz on booth E6 hall 2 from 20 to 24 March. Attend demos of TechViz Collaborative on several VR systems : Powerwall and the new VR headset Pimax. Discover all the new features to improve your industrial processes.

Improve your industrial processes with VR.

Bring you own 3D data and discover with real use cases how VR can optimize your work processes. Instantly display your 3D models on scale 1:1 on several VR systems, navigate in your model with all your teams and then edit a full reporting of your digital mock up. By collaborating in VR, you can spot and fix your design malcalculations without building a physical prototype and thus save costs.


On the program : 

  • VR Collaboration between several VR systems : Immersed in their own VR system, users from different locations can visualize and work on the same 3D model, from any 3D application (CatiaNXCreoNavisworks) in real time.
  • TechViz VR : Display your 3D data in VR and live a immersive experience with the new Pimax headset.
  • Reporting : Your can make a reporting of your project review in VR. A feature that will highly improve work processses in the industry field. Compare your several VR sessions and work on a more structured way on a project.
  • Dual GPU : Use two Graphic Cards on your computer in order to display your 3D models with high frame rate.

  • Plug & Viz : Instantly turn every meeting room into an immersive room, You do not need to install our software beforehand. Directly plug a workstation into your VR system.
  • DirectX : Our VR solftware is now compatible with DirectX !
  • TechViz on a Powerwall : Instantly display your 3D models on a powerwall with the Christie Mirage 4K 40 RGB projector fitted with the multiview technology.

About Laval Virtual

For 20 years, Laval Virtual has been the largest show in Europe dedicated to innovation and new technologies in the AR/VR field.


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