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Use your hands in your Virtual Reality experience

Visualize your hands and fingers, touch* and interact directly with your 3D model in the virtual environment with TechViz Finger Tracking feature. Evaluate user perception of a product or simulate one assembly task to assess time taken and feasibility, with millimeter-accuracy of the hand position and movements.

*touch = you can feel the touch using haptic feedback depending on the selected device

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Key advantages

Check accessibility by visualizing your fingers in VR

See a more accurate representation of your fingers and observe collisions with products with sound, colors and haptic feedback (with a compatible device).

Evaluate tactile HMI in your virtual environment

Combine this feature with Interactive Image Integration (I3) and virtually control your tactile HMI. Evaluate in detail product ergonomics.

Quick to setup, simulate multiple variants

Store and evaluate them again whenever you want.

Use Cases

Ergonomics: Ergonomists can evaluate if future users can operate in the real environment.  It can also be used to measure the time to perform a given task.

Cockpit Design: Analyze reachability and accessibility of the different controls. Check ergonomics of the onboard HMI. Using haptic feedback, the experience is even more realistic, offering more accurate customer perception.

Finger Mocap/Finger Tracking system compatibility

Finger Tracking is compatible with the professional devices : ART Finger Tracking and Vibro Tactile Finger Tracking, Cyberglove and LeapMotion.

It can combine ART, Cyberglove or leapmotion technology with popular VR headsets like HTC Vive, Oculus or any other one.

Compatible with all supported 3D applications.

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