Bim World

[SAVE THE DATE] TechViz will be exhibiting on BIM World 2016 along with Immersion and AGP (Art Graphique et Patrimoine), demonstrating altogether their global solutions for BIM industry.

BIM World is the digital federating appointment for the construction and development. Given the success of its first edition, with more than 2,800 participants, 41 conferences and 55 exhibitors, BIM World moved to Espace Grande Arche from Paris La Défense. Many themes will be developed around BIM: Geo, Smart Data, Digital Building, Infra, Collaborative, 3D and more.

Virtual Reality technologies are more and more shaping the construction sector: easier project visualization, faster completion times and delivery reduction in labour and material requirements. Being part of the BIM revolution is now more than necessary for a wide range of businesses. Even the smaller one !

As key actor of Virtual Reality, TechViz will be attending BIM World and organizing numerous demonstrations of its leading technology software : TechViz XL. Certified with more than 200 applications, TechViz XL is a unique software solution enabling businesses to make Virtual Reality a tremendous asset for their day-to-day organizations. With a wide range of functionalities, TechViz XL enables professionals to optimize their project reviews, prove customers’ experience by providing them a fully immersive view, interact with their 3D data during construction planning and identify potential design errors in real time.

Along with leading partners Immersion and AGP, TechViz will be introducing a fully immersive all-in-one Virtual Reality solution meeting all businesses’ needs including TechViz XL  main functionalities:

  • Video Recording
  • Tracking Software
  • Cutting Planes
  • Zoom
  • Digital Reviews

Art Graphique and Patrimoine (AGP) is one the of France’s leaders in the use of of new 2D-3D digital technologies to the promotion of cultural heritage.

Immersion is a leading actor of 3D innovative immersive and collaborative solutions for industries and reseach.

Visit the event’s website: << BIM World 2016 >>

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  • START : April 6, 2016
  • END : April 7, 2016
  • BOOTH : J18
  • LOCATION : Paris La Défense, FRANCE
  • PARTNERS : Immersion, AGP