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  1. Press Release – Laval Virtual 2023

    Press Release – Laval Virtual 2023: TechViz showcases its latest innovations

  2. Thank You – Navette Laval 2023

  3. Navette et visite VIP de Laval 2023

  4. 12-14 April | LAVAL VIRTUAL 2023

    [SAVE THE DATE] Meet TechViz at Laval Virtual 2023!

  5. XR for manufacturing

  6. Immersive Room: take your 3D models to the next level

  7. minitature site web collaboration ar vr with two engineers, one wearing an HTC Vive Focus 3 VR headset and the other a pair of ThinkReality A3 AR glasses

    February 12-15 | 3DEXPERIENCE World

    [SAVE THE DATE] Discover collaboration in AR and our latest innovations in VR

  8. Lenovo – Configuration form

  9. 5-7 December | Immerse Global Summit

    [SAVE THE DATE] Try the first AR collaboration session with ThinkReakityA3 at Immersive Global Summit.

  10. Finger Tracking